Addendum of the Resume of Stephan Paul Arif Sahari Wibowo

Addendum of the Resume of S P Arif Sahari Wibowo



Details for Technical Experiences

Senior Consultant / Technical Analyst in Keane, Inc. (Morgan Stanley Engagement)

June 2006 - December 2008

I was acting as IT liaison services to the business in prime brokerage trade entry, trade correction and cancellation, trade breaks, swap processing and swap breaks. When a user from the business raised an issue, I clarified the issue and collected additional required information about the issue, confirmed the problem, investigated and narrowed down the problem and pinpointed it if possible, querying for known work around for the user or find new one if possible, gave solution to the user when the issue is user education, and/or escalated to the L3 / developer as needed. This saved several hours of L3 / developer time each day.

I am watching alert for trade and swap submissions which are failed but no WorkQ notification was generated to the Customer Service Representatives of the customer. I will investigate the alert, pinpoint the problem, and notify the Customer Service Representatives about this issue. This saved hours of L3 / developer time each day - if they would do it instead - and would save client face or even monetary loss which might occur if the submission failure was left unnoticed.

I created falcon tickets to track the issues, which allow those issues later to be collected, reviewed, categorized, and have statistics created. This allowed trend recognition and helped client’s limited development resource to be directed to fixing most important issues.

I monitored system and application alerts from other teams, investigated and pinpointed the source of the alerts, decided whether the alerts caused by business issues or application issues or not an issue at all and if needed escalated to the business or to the L3 / developer as needed. This saved hours of developer time per week and alleviated issues with trades or swap processing which could affect customer.

Being a partner in IT support, in escalating a problem to L3 / developer I made a suggestion on the actual code causing the problem and possible fix for the problem.

In investigation I sometime noticed other potential issues which I alerted to L3 / developer. This saved developer time and reduced customer exposure because the problem got fixed earlier.

I supported L3 / developer in their investigation of an issue, in information gathering, in the actual action to fix problem and upgrade the system. This saved a lot of developer time.

I designed and Developed ticket creation script of Kestrel falcon ticket management package, which allows creation of script from an entry of MSForum intranet forum application and e-mail alias lookup from LDAP. This shortened the ticket process from 5 - 15 minutes of manual copy, paste, and resolve to just 1 - 5 minutes per ticket. Furthermore, the ticket e-mail notification generated would most likely fall into the same “conversation” in Microsoft Outlook and definitely in the same thread in other e-mail clients, reducing the time to find the tickets for each update to the issue.

I revised the ticket modification script of Kestrel falcon ticket management package, adding the feature which allows updating more information (affected item, deadline, time spent, and priority) and allows updating ticket not in our queue. Recent changes will even allows change ticket owner, fixing the description of a request ticket, less problem in closing problem ticket, and allows reassigned to other group. This would potentially save time in updating ticket, allows better prioritization of the ticket, and allow collection of better valuable data on time spent working on an issue.

I continued the development of the tools, mechanism, and documentation for the Ready for Business check of Transcap trade processing soap application and FileImport trade file web interface, automated the file preparation, part of the execution (specifically for swift and LDR), and checking part. I also organized the documentation to better point out what to do and which URL to use. This saved an hour or so for the 3 times Ready for Business check in one day.

I revised the mechanism and documentation for Transaction Manager web application (to enter and query transactions of a trade) Ready for Business check, organized the documentation better, having more direct URL for the web application and automate the reference no counting. It allowed faster and more reliable Ready for Business check execution and eventually migration to L1 team.

I developed and improved the design of the scripts for trade breaks option breaks’ Ready for Business automated check, saved hours of time for manual check per week, and better assured that issues will be escalated as needed.

I developed and improved the design of the scripts for trade breaks no break message Ready for Business automated check script, saved hours of time for manual check per week, and better assured that issues will be escalated as needed.

I developed and improved the design of the scripts for trade breaks CIA replication Ready for Business automated check script, saved hours of time for manual check per week, and better assured that issues will be escalated as needed.

I developed and improved the design of the automated scripts for Transaction Manager outstanding flip check, which made sure issues with adopting this feature caught early, saving hours of time doing the check manually each day, saved client face from having update did not get through and saved Customer Service Representatives’ time from having to find out what happened with the trade.

I developed and improved the design of the scripts for trade breaks actioned trade invalid strategy change check, which made sure issues with adopting this feature caught early, saved hours of time doing the check manually each day, saved client face from having invalid update and saved Customer Service Representatives’ time from having to find out what happened with the trade.

I developed and improved the design of multiple scripts which are parts of the end of day monitoring procedures, which save hours of manual checking per week, and enable the information to be viewed by more people as needed.

I developed and improved the design of the scripts which monitor outstanding trades, replacing that function from Transaction Manager when the amount of trades expose a hole in its design, saved hours of time for manual check, saved hours of the operation team, and better assured that outstanding trades will be resolved by the operation team.

I helped business IT liaison person with her requests for data mining to determine issue in trade processing, sometime require development of special scripts to do so, which saved hundred of hours of manual work.

I designed and developed several tools to help issue investigation, including a script to traverse multiple log files to search a string, a script that automatically extract log for specific action from Transaction Manager and Transcap Sender component, and script that view perf data of a host in a formatted layout.

I created and revised various documentation on supporting Transcap, File Import, Transaction Manager, Trade Breaks including documentations about Transaction Manager entitlement, trades in ready status, escalating legacy trade entry issues, Transaction Manager 1002 error, Transaction Manager cannot cancel and modify at the same time error, trade breaks no action button issue, several Mainframe issues, mapping of how trade information sent to Mainframe, several queues issues, swift client information, bond trade recognition, file transmission errors, and more, saving hundred of hours of L3 / developer time of teaching the same issue to other member of the team.

As part of the team I routinely discussed known issue with other member of the team, saving their time when they find the same issue.

Software and tools experienced: Red Hat Linux (RHEL) derivatives, Sun Solaris, Microsoft Windows, Apache, Tomcat, ServletExec, Sybase, Perl, Bash shell, Korn shell (ksh), JavaScript / ECMAScript (ECMA-262) / AJAX, Visual Basic for Application, PowerShell, IBM WebSphere MQ, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Micro­soft Office, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, RCS, Embarcadero DB Artisan, GNU emacs, Cygwin, Hummingbird Exceed, Natural ADABAS Mainframe, Falcon ticket system, Jira ticket system, XML, SOAP, HTTP, CGI, LDAP, Remote Desktop, etc.

Senior Information Technologist in Investor Risk Management Incorporated

June 1998 - March 2006

Investor Risk Management Incorporated is an investment advisory firm that produces risk analysis on proposals for investments in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The firm business model relies upon the ability of reusing previous analysis and data. The operation requires collaborative work between different analysts and the ability to use Internet for communication and research. Before I was hired, the firm had minimal information technology to support those requirements; the operation was decidedly manual.

Together with my colleagues, I analyzed our requirement, planned for future need, and designed a solution for our issues. I reviewed the choice of hardware and software and selected the products that fulfill the design. We upgraded all workstations to Microsoft Windows NT. We setup file server and other servers using Microsoft Windows NT servers. I setup a directory structure to ease the effort of finding the correct files and setup user and access structure to control who have access to which files. Eventually I decided to move the servers to Red Hat Linux servers with RAID drives to improve reliability and performance.

I planned the system for Internet access for the firm. We setup the Internet servers using Red Hat Linux: the Internet gateway, name servers, web servers, and mail server. We setup access to our network from remote location using SSH, mail access through web, and Microsoft Remote Access Server. I managed the administration of the servers, and ensure the system integration, well-being, and ability to cope with demand. All these provided solution to much needed ability to find appropriate analysis and reports, collaboration between analyst, and ability to use Internet for communication and research.

Further, I designed a database architecture in relational database management system (RDBMS) and implemented it using Oracle for a document management system to store, index, search, and retrieve various analysis, research, and data documents of the firm. This database architecture used web interface to allow easy access either from local intranet or from Internet, albeit under strict access control method. This database system made it easier for the analyst to find the correct documents, which is essential for the operation of the firm. This database system opened new possibilities for the firm in assisting marketing efforts, and as a future product of the firm.

My ability allowed the firm to provide web-accessible financial applications for some customers. I analyzed the requirement of the customers, designed the architecture and implemented the solutions. I selected the appropriate tools and products used to develop the solution: some solutions implemented using rapid application development (RAD) tools such as Perl and Kylix (Delphi for Linux), some other solutions required Java and special programming interface to, etc. Concepts such as numerical analysis and object oriented programming were part of these solutions. This service provided a significant proportion of company revenue.

Software and tools experienced: Linux, Microsoft Windows NT, Microsoft Windows NT Server, Microsoft Windows, Perl, Apache, Kylix (Delphi for Linux), C++, Java, C shell, Bash shell, Oracle, PL/SQL, DBI/DBD modules, Postfix, Qmail, OpenSSH, iptables, VNC, RPM,, JavaScript, ImageMagick, X-Window, SDK, SPSS, Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Pagemill, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Freehand, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Mozilla, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, NFS, XML, CGI, HTTP, HTML, etc.

Technician and System Administrator of Parokinet

March 1995 - present

Parokinet is a non-profit organization with Catholic Christian background, connecting hundreds of Indonesian people around the world using e-mail forum (mailing list) and web site. It also become a center of a network of computers connecting remote dioceses and parishes in Indonesia. Parokinet network consist of multiple servers across US and Asia, centered currently in Lubbock, Texas.

Work in team with 3-4 other administrator, I led the planning of the network architecture and the setup of central servers to fulfill their job to serve the e-mail forum, web site, name server, UUCP server, and connecting properly with other servers through Internet. I took the initiative to monitor the systems for potential problems in the services of the servers and to fix it remotely. For those tasks I designed and developed several scripts using shell scripts, Perl, and CGI protocol, and modified some existing applications, such as Ezmlm and Majordomo.

I have also been supporting the use of the system by assisting the members of Parokinet to use the system properly, listening to them for potential improvement reports, and adjusting the system based on those reports. As administrator of the e-mail forum, I have been assisting people manage their membership, and to keep the discussions civilized.

Software and tools experienced: Linux, Qmail, Majordomo, Ezmlm, Postfix, Apache, Perl, C, C++, Bash shell, OpenSSH, iptables, CGI, HTTP, HTML, etc.

Site Administrator in University of Illinois

September 1996 - May 1998

I worked in the Housing Department of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, as a site manager on one of the residence halls.

I maintained the working order of the workstations, the site server, and the network. I monitored the systems and resolved software and hardware problems, either by myself or by delegating it to the appropriate support person. I also actively took part in building, rebuilding, and repair of the computers and network.

I supported the use the network by assisting people using the workstations and using several applications in those workstations. I also set up - even rebuilt - residences' computers to connect to and work properly with the network.

Software and tools experienced: MacOS, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows NT, Microsoft Windows NT Server, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Pagemill, Sentry32 print manager, BigDog security software, etc.

Analyst Programmer for a
Research on Optimum Banking Portfolio Choice and Bank Regulation

August 1995 - January 1996

“Optimal bank portfolio choice and bank regulation: the Indonesian case” was Sri Adiningsih’s theses for achieving her Ph.D. degree in economics from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. The theses depended on unique calculation of optimum banking interest rate, but none of tools that available to her can readily be used to entirely do the calculation.

I analyzed the research requirement, and then provide the solution by designing and developing the numerical analysis application to calculate the optimum banking interest rate as required for Sri Adiningsih’s theses.

Software and tools experienced: MacOS, Code Warrior Pascal, Borland Pascal, etc.

Software Specialist in Datacom Solusindo,

April 1994 - July 1994

Datacom Solusindo was a company offering software and solutions in telephony and voice communication.

I analyzed the telephony accounting applications developed by the company and researched the existing documentation. The applications interfaced to a PBX system, automated and recorded the billing system. From it I produced appropriate documentation to use the applications, using Aldus Page Maker as the layout tools.

I also developed several scripts for network use.

Software and tools experienced: Microsoft DOS, Microsoft Windows for Workgroup, Aldus Page Maker, Novell Netware, Datacom Solusindo Call Billing System, etc.

Coordinator for Research, Development and Production in
Computer-Based Testing Application Project for University National Placement Test Practice

November 1993 - April 1994

At the time in Indonesia, people took a national placement test to gain admission to public universities which were highly competitive. Several people and I made a partnership to develop and market an application that let the prospective students practice taking the test.

Creation of the product itself was my role in the partnership, from architecture, planning, development, and delivery of the application, taking into account suggestions from the other partners. I designed the application using object oriented design and graphical user interface on Microsoft DOS platform, I also utilized hardware copy protection.

I managed technical support for customers.

Software and tools experienced: Microsoft DOS, Borland Pascal, etc.

System Analyst of Stock Registration Project for PT Hadtex

April 1992 - August 1992

PT Hadtex was one of major public companies in textile industry in Indonesia. The stock exchange had a limited and costly service for reporting the status of the stock which was not adequate for the company. Therefore, the company started an effort on developing its own application software to register their own stock. Several people and I started a partnership to answer that challenge.

In that partnership I was the system analyst, established the design and definitions of the relational database, including the tables and their relations, the data flow, the forms, and the various operations of the database. I monitored and reviewed the implementation and make sure it concurred with the design. I planned the development process and developed some tools required in the database development.

Software and tools experienced: Microsoft DOS, FoxPro, etc.

Computer Systems, Applications, and Tools Skilled

Platform and Operating System

Red Hat Linux (RHEL) and Slackware Linux. Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows NT, Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft DOS. VMWare, QEMU, Mac OS (classic), Mac OS X (Mach and BSD / Nextstep based).

UNIX Workstations: Sun Sparc - Solaris, HP UX, IBM AIX.

IBM 3031 Mainframe. Panasonic DBS PBX.

Development Tools and Languages

GNU emacs, gcc, GNU make, byson, lex, RCS, CVS, RPM (rpmbuild), Eclipse, Borland Kylix (Delphi for Linux), Borland / Turbo Pascal, Borland C++, Code Warrior, SDK, Oracle, PL/SQL, Sybase, Transact-SQL / T-SQL, PostgreSQL, File­Maker, FoxPro, dBase III, Embarcadero DB Artisan, LAMP, etc.

Perl, Object Pascal, JavaScript / ECMAScript / AJAX, Ruby, HTML, Bash shell, C shell, PHP, Visual Basic / VBA, C++, Java, Scheme, PowerShell, SmallTalk, etc.

System, Network / Internet, and Security Tools and Protocols

Apache, Samba, NFS, Qmail, Postfix, OpenSSH, rsync, iptables, iproute2, NAT, VNC, Remote Desktop, Remote Access Server (RAS), Tomcat, XML, SOAP, HTTP, CGI, IMAP, SMTP, DHCP, LDAP, Kickstart, etc.

Anti-virus tools, Zone­Alarm, Fire­wall, etc.

Internet Access Application

SeaMonkey, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape Communi­cator, Safari, iCab, Opera, Pine, Thunderbird, Eudora, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Pidgin / Gaim, AdiumX, Jabber, Skype, Google Talk, Microsoft Office Communicator, etc.

Business Application, Micro­soft Office, Micro­soft Word for DOS, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Micro­soft Power Point, Micro­soft Access, WordPerfect, Lotus Ami Pro, Lotus 1 2 3, WordStar, StarOffice, Gnumeric, etc.

Graphic and Publishing Application

GIMP, Macromedia Freehand, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe GoLive!, Adobe Page Maker, Adobe Page Mill, GraphicConverter, ImageMagick, Corel Draw, Aldus Page Maker, Xerox Ventura, etc.

Teaching and Tutoring Experience




Computer Tutor

AWIC Community and Social Services, Toronto, ON

October 2003 - July 2005

Mathematics Instructor

GEMA Test Preparation Mentoring

May 1989 - June 1993

Assistant Instructor

St. Aloysius Senior High School computer classes

July 1990 - December 1992

Textbook Author, Instructor, Class Coordinator

Memetri Widya Winaya Foundation Computer Course

September 1989 - October 1992

Experience and Activities not Technical / Teaching / Tutoring

For technical activities, see Technical Experience

For teaching and tutoring activities, see Teaching and Tutoring Experience

Volunteer of the Year Award

AWIC Community and Social Services, Toronto, Ontario, 2004

Communication and Information Coordinator

Indonesian Students Association, Urbana-Champaign Chapter, 1996-1999

Publication team

Indonesia in Harmony committee, 1998

Publication Coordinator

Koinonia Group of St. John's Catholic Chapel, 1996-1997


Coordination Team for Recollection for GEMA Service Group, GEMA is Church Movement of Catholic Post Secondary Students in Bandung, Indonesia, 1993

Steering Committee

GEMA General Leadership Training, 1992


Public Relation Bureau of GEMA, 1991-1992

Steering Committee

Committee of ITB Ecumenical Christmas Celebration, 1991


Division of Intern and Extern Relation of KMK ITB, 1990-1991; KMK ITB is Catholic Students Association of ITB

Program Committee

GEMA Week-end Program, 1991

Head of Operation

Committee for Memetri Widya Winaya Foundation Computer Courses, 1991

Committee Member

Committee for GEMA Easter Ceremony, 1991

Ceremonial Committee

Committee for GEMA Lock In, 1991


Committee for GEMA Work-plan Conference, 1991

Fund Raiser Committee

Committee for Ecumenical Christmas Celebration of ITB, 1990

Intern Relation Coordinator

Relations Committee of KMK ITB, 1989-1990


Committee for Easter Ceremony of KMK ITB, April 19, 1990

Publication Committee

Committee for Ecumenical Christmas Celebration of ITB, 1989

Public Relation Committee

Committee for Recollection of KMK ITB, 1989


Committee for 1989 Initiation of PMKRI, PMKRI is Association of Universities' Catholic Students in Indonesia